The brand name of Prisma Actuators has become well-known all around the world and is now a point of reference in this industry because of the robustness and reliability of its products. This success relies on continuously improving the quality and enhancing the development of our products and also to tailoring our service to meet the individual requirements of every one of our customers.

Since it was founded in 1980, Prisma has grown remarkably. In recent times our mechanical know-how as well as our extensive technical knowledge has evolved to offer complete solutions in the automation of valves to control the process of fluid conduction.

Mecánica Prisma develops four Pneumatic Actuators ranges, according to different environments of application: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polyamide and for High Temperatures. All manufactured according to international norms such as: ISO, DIN, NAMUR, VDE, VDI, ATEX, CE, DNV, PCT, SIL2.

Mecánica Prisma is accredited by quality norm ISO-TS-29001, API Q1 and 65% of its production is exported to more than 45 countries woldwide.


Our products

Mecánica Prisma offers a wide range of quality products for the automation of valves and fluid conduction processes.



Our valves can be used in numerous applications: industrial washing and cleaning equipment, refrigeration machinery, sterilizers and autoclaves, for mixing paints, dyes and colorants, etc.

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